My Mission

I am inspired by the verse John 10:10 which reads: The enemy comes in order to kill, steal and destroy but I cam so that you may have life to the full, in abundance until it overflows.

My goal is to declare this verse through my life and to encourage others to live it out as well. Jesus died so that we may live the best life, not so that we can just live. He wants us to have an enjoy life. My mission is to go into the nations and bring this message of grace, love and FREEDOM.

I also have a goal to visit Indonesia every year. In July 2010 I befriended an Indonesian girl named Sumi on the island of Nusa Lembongan and knew from the moment I met her God strategically put her in my life for a reason. I am filled with so much love for her and her family. In 2011 I had the opportunity to go back to Indonesia and found that their village was taken over by a resort. After going on an adventure I found their new village and we were reunited. After seeing their reactions of me actually coming back to see them, and bringing them gifts I knew from then on that I would have to come back every year to show them my love, but even greater God’s love. It is my goal to learn Indonesian so that I can converse with them, bring them essential items and in the future hopefully help Sumi go to University (she is 13 now). To me they are worth it.


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