Favor of God (Bali)


     Twelve days ago Davin Jaime and I left our homes on Oahu with the Hawaiian Island Creations surf team. After 18 hours of travel we arrived on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The HIC team won their regional event on Oahu so they were going on to compete in the national event against all the other regional winners in the United States! I decided to go with the team to support Davin.


            When we arrived in Bali everything was taken care of for us. We stepped off the airplane, handed over our visa money and basically just had to walk to the car. It was the smoothest airport transition I had ever experienced in Bali. When we arrived at the hotel I was so amazed at how gorgeous it was! I wasn’t sure if I would get to stay with the team so I was trying not to get too excited, but when they said it was ok I was stoked! Normally in Bali, I rough it, sleeping on bamboo mats outside for $2 a day. For the next week I’d be living in luxury!


   The week with the boys was so fun. We surfed, and surfed, and surfed, only really stopping to eat. We had a personal driver, YoYo, all week. He became one of our good friends. Joel Centeio (one of the team memebers) gave Yoyo a pair of Arnette sunglasses and his first question was, “Are these real? Not $3 ones?” When he found out they were real he literally jumped up and down, that one pair of sunglasses was worth just about the same as what he makes in a month. Balinese people are always excited to get a real pair of sunnys because their eyes are constantly getting worked by the sun, especially dirvers. We love Yoyo and Davin and I have made a promise to continue to see him and invite him and his family over for dinners when we get a house!



    So we surfed a different wave every day. I got to see parts of Bali I had never been to before! Our team became like a little family. Unfortunately, they lost their heat in the Oakley Surf Shot Challenge so when that was over, everyone entered into vacation mode! We all had VIP wristbands for the Oakley Pro so we posted up there for a few days to watch the contest. We even got invited back to the Quiksilver villas because Joel was good friends with Fred Patachia. The quicksilver villas were unreal. We got to meet Kelly Slater and watch all the boys verse him in pool. I just sat back and took it all in!


            The last night the boys were in Bali the Oakley reps for all of Hawai’i invited our team over for a BBQ. They had rented out a huge private villa overlooking the ocean with their own pool. Of course we said yes. They even invited Davin and I to stay with them for the last two days they were in Bali because they had three extra rooms. We were so excited! We went from staying for free at a luxury hotel, to now staying for free at a sick private villa with personal chefs, staff and drivers. We were so thankful! Then to top it all off when the HIC team left, then the Oakely team left, Davin and I were packing to leave the villas as well, when the owners of the villas invited us to just come stay with them in their “King Villa”. Before we were only staying in the queen so we were basically getting upgraded!  Davin and I were in pure shock at the hospitality and favor we were receiving. It has been almost two weeks and we have not paid to stay anywhere yet and we are now staying at a place that cost $1000 a night. What makes it even better is the family we are staying with is absolutely amazing. They are teaching Davin and I so much. They own a factory here in Bali and showing me all the places to buy wholesale, and tricks of the trade. Their kids are so amazing, Davin and I have had so much fun making up late night raps, jumping into the pool, and exploring new places in Bali. We had a grom ministry in Hawai’i and now it is continuing in Bali.


            I am in complete awe of God’s favor. From staying at a luxury hotel, then five star villas, VIP Oakley Pro passes, personal drivers, hanging out with all the Quiksilver pros, and all the little blessings in between for free, plus all of the new relationships we’ve formed I am so thankful. I prayed for him to go before us on this trip, but I would have never expected the five star treatment. I am so humbled and thankful for everyone I met that has shown so much generosity towards us. This is our last night in the villas with the family, then we will be headed down to Bingin and the rest of our team shows up in two days. So excited to continue on this adventure. ALOHA!


Check out http://www.RoyaltyVillasBali.com if you are coming to Bali and want to stay at the sickest villas I’ve ever seen! Best for groups of 6 or more.


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  1. SO awesome emily!! God speaks so much to us through your life about provision.He has never failed to just provide, but always goes above and beyond! its so amazing!! i also am so stoked to hear about how you got to be mentored by a family who owns a warehouse in bali!!! and now you have connections with them. wow. i feel like he is so preparing you!!

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