Going Big; Indo 2013

Footage from my 2012 trip to Indonesia, and my heart for this next 6 months.

Last July I was sitting on top of Bingin Village with my best friend and travel sister Suzanne. We escaped away from our group to talk privately because we both had something we wanted to share. I’m not sure who spoke first, or what exactly was said, but I remember crying as I shared how alive I felt in Indonesia, not just in my spirit but in my body and mind. I shared how much I loved the people in this country and how I felt like God was calling me to stay in Indonesia for a longer amount of time. Suzanne was crying too, because God had been speaking the same visions to her as well. So we sat there, all teary eyed, laughing by this point and wondered how in the world that would happen.

For the past year I have been praying fervently into this vision and have seen God slowly bring it to life. The vision started with just Suzanne and I wanting to move to Bali to learn the language and grow deeper in our relationships. Now, God has stratigically brought us three other team members (Davin Jaime, Kino Cajigal, and Randy McGee) and we are being sent out and trained through Big Island Faith Community. All I had to do was be obedient to say, “Yes I will go” and God brought all the rest.

We are entering Indonesia as humble students eager to learn the culture through locals perspectives. Our goal is to start a faith community where we develop weekly rhythms that allow us to immerse ourselves into the culture. We will be present in the line up, diving, in the markets, hosting prayer nights, community dinners and anything else we can think of. But mostly just developing relationships as we learn the language. Our goal is not to invade but to learn and love.

Davin and I depart June 13 because he will be competing in a surf contest. Suzanne, Randy and Kino join us June 26. I am so ready for this adventure! I will be writing more descriptive updates here at least once a month so feel free to sign up with your e-mail. However, if you would like to see little daily updates, inspirations, and photos you can follow me on Instagram @EmilyValdez and check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/balifaithcommunity/ we also have a website describing our background and vision a little more in depth. It also has information on how you can support us financially if you feel led to become a part of this vision.That can be viewed here: http://aloha.bigislandfaith.com/missional-faith-communities/bali-faith-community/

Lastly, I have been making jewelry and tank tops to creatively pay for my trip! It’s a way to support a mission and get something in return. They are only available for the next few days so check it out at YIREHawaii.etsy.com



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