Indonesia 2012- Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon, Radical Obedience for Relentless Love.
I am sold out to God’s will for my life. In Ephesians 2:10 he tells us he prepared the good works for us to do before we were even born, but it is our choice whether or not we walk in them, or beside them. I am consciously choosing to walk in them. God has called me to go back to Indonesia for my third year. I tried to come up with new summer plans to see new countries and possibly just drop by Indo, but my heart has been refocused on the vision God has for his people there and how he wants me to be apart of it in continuing to build upon the relationships I’ve already established there. He has also given my amazing adventure sisters Suzanne Artley (fifth year returning to Bali) and Malia Wolcott (first year to Bali) the same vision so together we are leaving for Indonesia on June 20 until sometime in August with a heart to serve and a mission to encourage.
We plan on being very intentional with our time. The first week we will be visiting our market friends in Kuta. Then we will be spending a weekend with our friends at the Bali Surf House Ministry where our goal is to encourage the full time missionaries that run the house and help them with anything possible. Then we will be heading down to Bingin for a week where Suzanne has done outreach for the past four years. After we will be going back to the island of Nusa Lembongan where my heart is! I am so excited because for the first time we will be gathering together a team of people who already live in Bali to come with us. My Brazillian friend Samia does outreach on the island two times a month and we are going to join in on her vision and help her continue to bless the people on the island. She has also volunteered to be a translator for me when I go to visit Sumi and her family. This is huge because I have seen Sumi for the past two years but never been able to carry a conversation with her or find out more about her, so I am so excited for this opportunity to finally go past surface level with the family that I know God has put in my life for a reason! We are also hoping to meet up with Surfing the Nations who I first went to Bali with in 2010 and of course we are leaving room in the itinerary for the Holy Spirit to lead us in where we should spend more time or possibly going to a new island.
Life-long calling
I am so excited Suzanne and  I will get the opportunity to show Indonesia to Malia for the first time and hopefully God instills the passion for the country in her as he has done for us. I feel God has called me to adventure missions long term, not just in Indonesia but around the world and I love helping God release others into the same vision he has given me.
How are we preparing for the trip?
     Suzanne lives on the Big Island while Malia and I are on Oahu. So, we have been meeting up for skype dates, talking things out, planning and most importantly praying together. It’s so cool to see how God has put all three of us together with the same vision and passions. We will also be doing a Daniel fast for 21 days with the purpose of surrendering ourselves and seeking God’s heart for the trip.
How can you become apart of the vision God has for Indonesia?
Please pray for us and the people we come in contact with! Last year we had so many people praying for us and I promise you     God blessed our whole trip and went before us every place we went. Prayer works!!
Specific Prayer Points: 
* For all of our flights to go smoothly (we are flying on buddy passes)
*For God to prepare the hearts of the people we are going to see
*Divine appointments
*Sumi and her family as well as Dia and her family
*Bali Surf House Ministry
*Global Church Bali
*Healings, Miracles and Revival to be brought
*God to use us to encourage and speak life
*That we can stay FOCUSED
*Everyone around us sees and connects to Jesus through us

 Financial Outline of the Trip:

  • food and lodging: 1,100 ($20 a day for 55 days)
  • flights: 750
  • transportation: 200
  • missions market: 300
  • activities: 150
Need to have 2,500  but praying for an extra $500 for generously giving while we are there and cushioning to fall back on.
Saved so far: 1,400 as of June 2
If you feel led to give financially you can choose specifically where you would like your money to go:
~To bless those we come in contact with. This could be other missionaries, individuals we stay with or random people we meet on the street.
~To buy donations to bring to Sumi and her family.
~To support me as a missionary to go to Indonesia
~By buying jewelry for missions at

If you feel led to support any of these you can give online with a credit card through paypal. Just click the button and under send money you can instert my e-mail address 

 and write in the box which area you wish to give to.
or you can give via snail mail and I can e-mail you my address.

Indonesia 2012 is going to be a trip un-like any other. What seems impossible is made possible by God. Every time I’ve stepped out in faith before he has never failed to provide. This is no different. I want to challenge you to step out in faith is some way, big or small. To live for God is to live for adventure.


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