Divine Encounters

So far in Australia I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and have a lot of memorable conversations. Two people in particular have blessed me beyond words. Rowan being one of them whom I met while attending a Hillsong Church service. He was apart o the college and when we told him about our adventure he decided to tag along and travel up to Byron Bay with us. Having him with us brightened up the whole mood. He was always in a good mood and never had anything negative to say..ever. It was a joy to have him. Then when he left he sent me and Suzanne the amazing message below (which I’ve asked if it was alright to share):

Emily and Suzanne,

I’ve been trying all day to gather words hoping to explain to everyone how traveling (even though it was only for a blink of an eye) has had a massive and deep impact on my life. I was chatting to my parents just a few minutes ago, bragging on the two of you, and as I began to ramble to my dad I kept on repeating myself “They where there, really there”. I guess what I was trying to express was that you live for the moment, but what makes it so real, so tangible, is that the two of you live for more then just the moment. You walk in the commission of Christ and seeing you so authentically put hands and feet to what God is doing marked me. While I don’t think words could sufficiently express my gratitude know this: That even if the rest of your trip you don’t touch a single person (you will by the way) my life has been changed. You are full of life. Full with the uninhibited and unbashful blood of Christ running through your vanes. I see daughters of a King on a grand adventure taking ground for His kingdom.

Thank you for letting me get to you know you. I consider it an honour to call the two of you friends and I will definitely see you soon


The other person who I was so blessed to have met was Ivonne. She is a german girl free traveling through Australia. She drove with us from Sydney up to Byron Bay and we ended up continuing our travel all the way up to the gold coast. She is another very positive person to be around. I learned a lot from her and was actually inspired by her courage to leave her country despite everyone trying to hold her back. She chose adventure over the known and she is doing it by herself. When we said our goodbyes she wrote me this message (I also asked if I could share):

unfortunately we didn`t have enough time to say goodbye yesterday. therefore I send you this message…
Thank you for the great last few days. I really enjoyed the last days and the whole travel to byron…It was so much fun with you! I am so glad that I met you =)=)
I am here in Australia to find me and you guys were a very important part for this! Now I am thinkting about my attitude in special things and about my whole life.
Thank you very much for this!
I wish you a lot of fun at your trip! many new friends and good experience. Let me know when you decide to come to germany


This is the whole reason I’m on this trip. To meet and encourage others. It is personally encouraging to me to get these messages of confirmation to why God has sent me into the nations in the first place. I’ve been very challenged recently in my thinking to go outside of the box in my normal everyday “christinease” answers. My eyes are being opened to what God sees and how God feels. I’m so thankful for all the people I’ve met thus far only two weeks into my trip. Please continue to pray for me and Suz as we embark on another adventure to Indonesia in two days. Praise God for bringing me here.


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