Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us- Ephesians 3:20

I woke up with this verse on my mind, and realised that God is showing me just how true it is. Our trip Inspiration to the Nations has been in the planning/thought process for the past six months. The past 11 days we’ve actually been living it out and so far God has completely exceeded (abundantly) beyond all I could have ever imagined.

God has definitely gone before us on this trip. We have been blessed in so many different ways from so many different people. We started out in Sydney Australia where we attended Hillsong Church’s 25th anniversary conference. There were thousands of people there! I had never been to a conference like that before. It was very powerful to be in a room with thousands of Christians praising God at the same time. While we were there we met Seth and Katie Peters. Katie is on staff at Hillsong and Seth is a police officer. They invited us to stay with them at their house and blessed us with everything from food, an amazing place to stay overlooking the beach, free movie tickets and their aussie vocabulary lessons. I was so happy to have met them.

When our time in Sydney was finished we posted an add on gumtree for a rideshare up to Byron Bay. A guy named Devo responded to it and saying that he had another traveler with him and was headed up to Byron (which is his home town) from Sydney. Suzanne and I had met another guy from Hillsong College, Rowan, who was also going to travel with us. So the five of us packed up in Devo’s car and began the two day road trip to Byron Bay.

I will admit I was a bit sketched out at first about riding with a stranger. However, so far Devo has been the biggest blessing of all. He showed us secret beaches along the way, shared his food with us, took us everywhere we needed to go and was just an all around amazing guy. We were so lucky to have him and wouldn’t have been able to see a lot of the true Australia without him.

When we got to Byron Ivonne (the german girl traveler who Devo also picked up from Sydney) joined me and Suzanne. We stayed at a really creative, hippie hostel called the Arts Factory where they have free bushtucker walks, african drum lessons, talent shows and a lot more going on all the time. While in Byron I really wanted to surf, but it was really expensive to rent boards so I was praying for a cheaper way to do it. My first day there a girl in our hostel gave me a voucher for a free surfboard rental! I was so stoked and when I went out it was amazing. It was my first time wearing a wetsuit and the clouds were painted orange across the sky, the sun was setting behind the mountains and the waves were so glossy and clean. It was perfect. It made me realise how God really does grant you the desires of your heart, even if it is something like a surf session. =]

While in Byron I made a lot of friends at the Art Factory and really fell in love with the people of Byron Bay. There are so many creative, innovative, hippie, unique, and genuine people. I could definitely see myself coming back there and living for a season. The last night I spent there we made a bonfire on the beach because it was a full moon. I spent about three hours of that bonfire having three different deep “religious” conversations. It made me realise ultimately how everyone is searching for the same thing: freedom. God has been teaching me through people about different cultures, thinking processes, and giving me new thoughts to further bring God outside of a box and realise how unique and diverse all of us really are. I am so thankful for the people I’ve met, how God is blessing me far beyond anything I could have imagined, and the lessons I’m learning.

It is the greatest feeling to be living out the answer to this question, “If you could be doing anything in the world right now what would it be?”

So excited for what else is to come. =]


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