Wally dangled me out over Oahu and just left me there for a second staring at the clouds below me, then he jumped. We were free falling at 100 mph. He flipped me around to view the plane diving down about 50 feet away from us, then flipped us back around to view the clouds we were falling towards. Directly below us was a bright, full circle RAINBOW. I couldn’t help but shout praises to God the whole time and try and take it all in. We flew threw the rainbow, and then the mountains started to become visible, then the ocean, then I could see all of Oahu. It was amazing. Then he pulled the parachute after about a minute of free fall, and we were slowly gliding over the turquoise blue ocean, palm trees and more mountains. It was breathtaking. I asked him if he would twirl us around and he did about ten times. I felt like a bird soaring.
Two days ago I jumped out of a plane at over 14,000 ft elevation. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced! For several months now I have had this burning desire to skydive. When I was living in Hawai’i Kai as a nanny, everyday I would walk the boys and pass this North Shore Pacific Skydive van. On the van was a guy with a huge smile falling from the sky over Oahu. I would pass the van everyday and say, “I really want to do that.” Recently I realized it is never going to happen unless I make it happen, so I made the decision to GO.

Suzanne drove up with me to North Shore, where we met Lorenzo who was also going to do the jump. We signed up for the highest elevation possible (if your going to do it, might as well go all out), then got to meet our tandem partners (who we would be strapped to when we did the jump). My guy just so happened to be the smiling face on the van I would pass everyday in Hawai’i Kai, his name was Wally. Wally helped dress me in my gear then we hoped on the plane!

While we were on the plane I expected to feel so, so nervous and have millions of butterflies in my stomach, but I was just AMPED. I was so excited to jump, and kept staring out the window in excitement as we flew above the clouds. Recently I’ve been feeling as if God is calling me into adventure ministry, and I felt as if skydiving was taking a step to embrace the ministry. So as we were going up I was praying for more adventure experiences and a way to connect to other adventurers. When we were almost at the jumping elevation Lorenzo and I grabbed hands to say a prayer. I prayed out loud declaring freedom and asking for protection over the plane, and the jumpers. When I was finished the instructor in front of me turned around to see me, stared at me for a second, then nodded in approval and gave a half smile. Then, Wally started asking me questions about who I was, and my life. I got to explain my story a little, and my upcoming travel adventure. I was getting to witness to people on the plane, before we all jumped out. This solidified my desire for adventure ministry, and was confirmation of the prayer I had prayed previously for an opportunity to connect to other adventurers!

So then we jumped and I had the experience that I explained in the first paragraph above. It was absolutely amazing, and I want to do it again already.

I will always live in adventure and embrace every opportunity put in front of me. So stoked on the next one! =]


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  1. emily you rock!!!! I would never do that but I admire the spirit it takes, the courage, and complete lack of fear and reason. 😉 I am afraid of falling, heights, and even standing on a stool freaks me out. But I love what you said about your adventure ministry! I feel like God always calls us out from our comfort, safe zone and asks us to step up to the edge. Ironically when we jump we end up flying and soaring to new heights with a savior who gives us wings of freedom. I cannot wait to hear all the stories of adventure!

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