Ruined for the Ordinary

My name is Emily. I’m 19 years old. I am a sold out, radical follower of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit lives inside of me, and my God is the creator of everything seen and unseen. I am giving everything I have, everything I am, everything I can possibly physically and mentally give to serve Him and His purpose. And not only is it all worth it to me, but I will do it joyfully. I know God personally as my healer, my restorer, my creator, my father, my friend, my love, my savior, my encourager, my joy, my hope, my strength,and so much more. He has always come through for me. I am looking forward to having NOTHING, so that when I go places and am able to thrive, and people look at me and don’t understand how it is physically possible, I can point to my God and let all of the glory be unto His name. I am closest to Him when I am the most reliant on Him. I am ruined for the ordinary. My hope is that my life will NEVER make sense, and the only way to possibly explain it is by God alone, and that all the glory be unto His name.


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