Give it all you’ve got

Today has been one of those days where God silently teaches me a lot. There is a guy that sells newspapers at the intersection in front of Castle Hospital. Lately one of my ministries has been to bring him food. So every time I saw him I would either go buy food from 7/11, bring food from church, or just give him whatever I had. Today I didn’t have any food and I was nervous to pass by him because I felt like I was letting him down. Of course as I was passing by I got the red light and had to stop right next to him. I prayed real quick and just asked God to use this moment. So I rolled down my window to talk to him and was asking for his name and I couldn’t really understand him. He either said Siosi, or after later thinking about it it might have been Keoki, but then he told me it was that or George. So I’m going to call him Siosi because thats what I heard. So I went on to tell him how much joy he brings me everyday when I see him and how much he inspires me because he’s there selling newspapers, in the hot sun with a huge smile on his face. Not only that, but he has problems with walking and every time I see him do it, it looks so painful. So I’m just so inspired that he walks up and down the intersection selling newspapers. So after I told him all of that I asked him if he was there every sunday because thats usually the only time I pass by this place and he looked at me and said, “No, I’m here everyday of the week.” Then the light turned green and I told him I would see him again soon and to have a good day. As I was driving away though I was astonished. Not only does Siosi have problems walking, but there is no shade there, it’s super hot, newspapers aren’t highly desired and are really cheap, but he does it everyday. This guy is giving it all he’s got, all he has to make it. I watched a movie last night with my friend Suzanne and one of the characters said, “If you don’t give it everything you have, then what are you really doing?” Siosi has this figured out. Why did it take me this long to get it? If we expect to be blessed in this life, and to make it anywhere we have to give it all we’ve got and not take any shortcuts.

This is my prayer today. From now on I’m giving everything I do all I  possibly have in me. Whether it be my time, finances, love, help, friendship, job, everything. I’m going to give it my all or how can I ever expect God to give to me? And if we don’t give it our all, then what are we really doing?


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