I will be joyful

Life is so short and I’m so excited about life. The other day Isaac, Ian (the two little boys I nanny for) and me were in the car singing along to The Lion King song and I had an amazing revelation. Every single moment of life can be filled with joy if you let it. Even if you are taking out the trash or just on your way to work, you have the power to transform every moment into pure joy. I thought further into the idea and was wondering why so many people that are alive, become lifeless, why people have no energy to do the things they used to love, and why there are an extreme variety of depression medications available in our generation and WHY THE HECK all of this is considered normal? It is extremely possible to die while you are still living, there are so many people on this Earth who are putting their spirits in a cage. How sad is that? You know why I think that is? Because we start to put this fuzzy, film, covering over our eyes of everyday routine life. We start to just go through the motions of everything and just “get through our days”. We have the thoughts of “once I do this, achieve that and get there, I will finally be happy”. Well why can’t you just find joy in the everyday things. Then maybe go a step further and make the “everyday things” not so ordinary, even if all that means is thinking of your everyday in a new way. Our days are NOT something to just get through, everyday is a page, in our current chapter of our life story. Really think about that. Every single day is a PAGE, in the current CHAPTER of our LIFE STORY. Why rush to get through that? Maybe the reason we have so many lifeless people on this Earth is because they aren’t fully awakened to whats happening on their page, let alone their chapter. Sometimes even worse is when we are to concentrated on our next chapter in life, that we miss our current one. And if you miss a whole chapter you have no idea whats going on in the next. Enjoy life. Enjoy every moment. Don’t just try to get through your day. See your everyday world with new eyes. Discover new things and think in a new way. Take joy in the little things like taking out the trash, opening the door for someone in Starbucks, or singing the lion king in the car on the way to the museum. =] LOVE


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